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Scott J. Taylor, CDP Accident Reconstruction and Animations

Greenille, South Carolina
Accident Reconstruction, Products Liability - 3D Trucking Accident Reconstruction Animations, Accident Reconstruction Animations, Night Lighting Accidents, 3D Crime Scene Reconstructions, Whiplash Accidents, Products Liability, Pedestrian Accidents, Motorcycle Accidents, Cranes Accidents, Dart Out Accidents, Slip and Fall, Fires Simulations
PLEASE EMAIL TO RECEIVE ANIMATIONS LIKE YOUR CASE 1. 96% of Mr. Taylor's animated cases settled favorably of 230 cases in a 2010 study, 87% before trial, and 9% in trial. 2-Attorneys say animations videos give the opposition a simpler understanding of case Accident Reconstructions, justify earlier settlement requests for more equitable amounts, and avoid trials. A Bar Study states "The combination of verbal and visual delivery is remembered six times as effectively as verbal." 3- Scott;s fee is 51% less than 2021 Reconstructionists averages 4- 36% were repeats by attorneys or experts prior to the 2009 study 5- Trucking accidents were 61% of animations programming hours 6- He has been America's leader in wining cases by animating Reconstructions, and has been retained in: 278 cases since 1991, in 38 states, 37 specialties, 25 testimonies, for plaintiffs or defendants, 25 criminal cases, in 30 years 7- Mr. Taylor's Experian Credit Score is 806, in highest "Exceptional" ratin...
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