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Bill Conway WDSS International

Norman, Oklahoma
Meteorology Expert Witness - weather, certified consulting meteorologist, weather forensics, weather damage, weather claims, hail, wind,
Certified Consulting Meteorologist Bill Conway has performed research, and testimony when necessary, on legal cases in which reconstruction of weather conditions are required. Bill Conway’s experience comprises a diverse set of cases including: - Downed powerlines due to thunderstorm winds causing fire and destroying building of a national restaurant chain. - Fatality vehicle accident involving winter weather. - Fatality vehicle accident involving overturned semitruck due to thunderstorm winds. - Fatality vehicle accident involving the presence of fog. - Downed powerlines due to thunderstorm winds causing damage to irrigation system. - Determination of the presence of hail in building damage (multiple cases). - Fatality accident involving downed trees on scout camp. - Injury accident involving skydiving. - Determination of the presence of lightning in building damage. - Determination of weather conditions involving pesticide drift and crop damage. - Determination of maximum wind v...
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