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James Berndt, LPG August Mack Environmental

Indianapolis, Indiana
Environmental Expert Witness, Hydrology Expert Witness - hydrogeology, groundwater, groundwater modeling, pollution, contamination, dry cleaning, environmental investigation, remediation, wells, modeling, contaminated soil, VOC contamination, drinking water, risk assessment, remedial alternatives, reasonable and necessary, subsurface investigation
James Berndt, LPG is the Manager of Corporate Technical Services and a Licensed Professional Geologist in the Corporate office of August Mack Environmental, Inc. with more than 30 years of experience in the environmental industry. During his career, Mr. Berndt has managed hundreds of environmental projects for clients across the United States, in Europe, and South America, involving heavy metals, petroleum and chlorinated solvents and other volatile organic compounds including TCE, PCE and associated degradation products. His work commonly involved delineating the nature and extent of impacts, developing risk-based cleanup criteria and designing and implemented corrective actions. In addition to consulting work, Mr. Berndt has taught hydrogeology as a member of the adjunct faculty of the University of Indianapolis. His primary areas of expertise include site investigation, remediation, hydrogeology, groundwater flow and chemical transport modeling, and predictive cost modeling for e...
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Spenser Robinson, PhD (DBA) Robinson Experts

Mount Pleasant, Michigan
Real Estate Expert Witness, Real Estate Appraiser Expert Witness - commercial real estate, contamination, real estate finance, commercial real estate, residential real estate, sustainable real estate, valuation, asset pricing, real estate related contamination, distressed real estate
Dr. Robinson's peer-reviewed publication record, industry leadership, and practitioner background helps him bridge the languages of industry, academia, and law. Robinson Experts provides accomplished expertise across real estate finance, commercial real estate, residential real estate, sustainable real estate, valuation, asset pricing, real estate related contamination, distressed real estate, and related real estate issues either in-house or through our collaborator network. Dr. Spenser Robinson completed his Doctorate of Business Administration in Finance with a focus on Real Estate and now manages an academic Real Estate major/minor in a large university College of Business. The Real Estate Academic Leadership ranks him as a top 50 global researcher for multiple years running. His funded research includes grants from the National Science Foundation, the Real Estate Research Institute, CBRE Inc., and others. He began his career in strategic and technical consulting in the 1990'...
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Rina Schumer, PhD

Reno, Nevada
Hydrology Expert Witness, Environmental Expert Witness - Hydrogeology, Groundwater, Subsurface, Environmental Cleanup, Pollution, Contamination, Agricultural chemicals, Aquifer, PFAS, TCP, MTBE, VOC, Chlorinated Solvents, Nitrate, Pesticides, Fumigants, Perchlorate, Water Rights, Drinking Water, Data Analysis, Statistics, Water Resources, Modelling, Solute Transport, Geology
Dr. Schumer is a Research Professor of Hydrology and has served as both the Assistant Vice President for Research and the Assistant Vice President for Academic and Faculty Affairs has at the Desert Research Institute, the environmental research arm of the Nevada System of Higher Education. She has a BA in Earth & Environmental Sciences from Wesleyan University and graduate degrees in Applied Mathematics (MS) and Hydrogeology (MS, PhD) from the University of Nevada, Reno. Prior to moving to Nevada, she worked for Hydro-Environmental Technologies, Inc. in Massachusetts, where she performed environmental monitoring, site assessments, as well as installation, operation, and maintenance of groundwater remediation systems. She has more than 50 peer-reviewed publications and book chapters and has been an Associate Editor for the journal Water Resources Research. Her basic and applied research is generally related to transport in environmental systems with emphasis in hydrogeology as well ...
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