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Lisa Boesky, PhD Suicide Expert Services

San Diego, California
Correctional Healthcare Expert Witness, Psychology Expert Witness - jail suicide, prison suicide, rehab facility suicide, treatment facility suicide, psychiatric hospital suicide, juvenile detention suicide, juvenile corrections suicide, suicide standard of care, correctional suicide, suicide risk assessment, suicide, jail/prison/correctional facility suicide
Expert on child and adult Suicide within Correctional and Treatment facilities (jails, prisons, mental health facilities, substance abuse treatment facilities, juvenile detention, psychiatric hospitals, etc.). Licensed clinical psychologist for 20+ years. Consults on mental health and Suicide Prevention programs, including multiple class-action lawsuits, and "Suicide Vulnerability Assessments" in correctional and residential treatment settings. Developed and presented over 140 "conference" keynotes and workshops, and over 125 full-day or multi-day "training" programs. Opinion source for national media including CNN, Fox News, USA Today, US News & World Report among others. Author of books, articles and national training curriculums. Experienced expert witness and forensic consultant (defense and plaintiff cases) related to Suicide deaths in Correctional and Treatment facilities.
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George C. Klein, PhD Oakton Community College

Northbrook, Illinois
Behavioral and Social Sciences Expert Witness, Police Practices & Procedures Expert Witness - Mental Health, Criminal Justice, Mentally Ill, Police, Police Apprehension of the Mentally Ill, Police Policies and Procedures, Crisis Intervention Teams, Jail Suicide.
George C. Klein, Ph.D. works as an expert witness on the intersection of mental health and criminal justice. He specializes in the police apprehension of the mentally ill, police policies and procedures, police use of excessive force, and jail suicide. He was a part-time police officer for over eight years. He was a consultant and researcher for the Behavioral Science Unit at the FBI Academy for over 13 years. He is a trained hostage negotiator and served with a SWAT team. His book, entitled, Law And The Disordered: An Exploration in Mental Health, Law, and Politics, was published in 2009. The book is an examination of the mental health and criminal justice system in Illinois. It includes fieldwork on police apprehension of the mentally ill, hospital emergency rooms, the homeless mentally ill, and mental health screening in jails. His book, entitled, The Militarization of the Police? Ideology Versus Reality, was published in 2019. The book examines the police use of force, a...
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Scott I Levine, DO

Pendleton, Indiana
Correctional Healthcare Expert Witness, Psychiatry Expert Witness - Correctional Psychiatry, Deliberate indifference, Access to care in prison and jail, Substance abuse, Mental illness, Post-traumatic stress related to incarceration, Jail/prison/correctional facility suicide, Pharmacotherapy/Medication management in jail and prison
I have been providing psychiatric care at a variety of correctional facilities (psychiatric inpatient, maximum, medium, and low security) since 2006. This experience allows me to provide insight into your case that most general psychiatrists do not have. I have completed residency at Rush Presbyterian St. Luke's Hospital (Chicago), have remained board-certified in adult psychiatry by the ABPN, and continue to serve as a member of the faculty at Marian University's medical school. I look forward to discussing your case.
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