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Lawrence Dombrowski, PE Dombrowski Forensic Engineers, PA

Miami, Florida
Engineering Expert Witness, Construction Expert Witness - Structural & Civil Engineering, Standard of Care, Construction Defects, Building Envelope/Water Intrusion, Building Collapse/Failures, Shoring Collapse/Failures, Construction Accidents/Falls, Coverage/Damages/Cost Evaluation; SCUBA Standards/Instruction, SCUBA Accidents/Incidents, Handicap/Adaptive
Mr. Dombrowski provides investigations, analyses, evaluations, repair recommendations, and expert testimony for design and construction aspects of new and existing construction. Assignments include analysis/evaluation/expert testimony regarding: roof and building failures/collapses; shoring and falsework collapses; standard of care for civil and structural engineers; building and infrastructure defects; building envelope water intrusion issues; building envelope materials, finishes, assemblies, and fenestrations; sinkholes, expansive clays, and other geotechnical and foundation (differential movement) issues; materials and products deterioration/failures; construction accidents and falls; construction safety standards; OSHA compliance during construction; premise liability accidents (trips/slips and falls, and other premise accidents); insurance coverage, including damage estimates, cost estimates, and repair scopes of work. Mr. Dombrowski provides scuba diving instruction for ...

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