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Machine Safety Expert Witness Listings

Welcome to our Machine Safety experts directory. Browse the profiles below to find the right expert witness in Machine Safety for your case. Our SEAK Expert Witness Database is always free to search.

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Daniel J. Hartwig, CSP, CIH

General Health & Safety Services Corp.

Punta Gorda, Florida

Safety Expert Witness, Premises Liability Expert Witness Slip, Trip & Fall, Personal Injury, Sidewalks and Speed Bumps, Stairs, Chemical Exposure, Noise, Product Liability, Machine Safety, Human Factors, Indoor Air Quality, Industrial Hygiene, Mold
Additional Information Daniel Hartwig, CSP, CIH is President of General Health & Safety Services Corp. and has provided safety counsel and expert witness testimony throughout the United States for over 40 years from offices in Wisconsin and Florida. Because of the wide variety of clients served, he has experience in many environments including retail stores, hotels, homes, restaurants, manufacturing facilities, construction sites, hospitals and nursing homes, auto dealerships and many more. Being a premises safety expert, Mr. Hartwig performs investigations related to construction, operation, and maintenance of commercial premises, residential structures, and industrial facilities. The investigations involve site inspections and review of applicable standards. Based on the above information and review of the discovery material, he performs a root cause analysis of the accident, enabling him to provide a strong basis for his opinions. For product liability cases, he provides analysis of possible def...

Brian P Huber

Machine Safety Specialists, LLC

Lewis Center, Ohio

Safety Expert Witness, Equipment & Machinery Expert Witness Machine Safety, Control Reliability, NFPA 79, ANSI B11 Standards, ANSI/RIA 15.06, Material Handling Injury, ANSI B11.19, Risk Assessment, OSHA 1910 Subpart O, At-work Injury, Machine Injury, Automation Safety
Additional Information If you’re going to worry about the law, worry about OSHA, if you’re going to worry about liability and injury, worry about ANSI. Brian Huber has extensive training and experience with machine safety issues. He has been trained in numerous OSHA classes and has also trained OSHA Compliance Officers numerous times for machine safety. He is an expert in ANSI B11 standards and has trained companies for machine safety in the U.S., Mexico, Germany and Japan. Brian has extensive experience with safety light curtains, interlock switches and safety relays. Control reliability is a major focus and a major issue in at-work injuries involving machines. Brian has trained many companies for control reliability. Lawsuits have been settled based on Brian’s inputs to both plaintiff and defense attorneys.