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Welcome to our Data Analysis experts directory. Browse the profiles below to find the right expert witness in Data Analysis for your case. Our SEAK Expert Witness Database is always free to search.

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Anthony Hayter, PhD

Statistics Expert Witness, Nationwide: California, Florida, Illinois, New York, Texas, Washington, D.C.

Denver, Colorado

Statistics Expert Witness, Medical Billing Expert Witness Statistician, Statistical consulting, Regression, Surveys, Risk, Extrapolation, Sample, False Claims Act Qui Tam, Prediction, Litigation Support and Help, Data analysis, Fraud, Medicaid Audit, Medicare Audit, Audit.
Additional Information Dr. Hayter is a statistician expert witness who holds degrees from Cambridge University and Cornell University, and he is a Fulbright Scholar. He is a statistical consultant who provides litigation support and help. Testimonials: “Dr. Hayter remained unflappable under cross examination by one of America’s leading trial lawyers.” “Dr. Hayter was thorough, conscientious and timely in his work with us.” “As important to us as his technical expertise was his ability to communicate his analysis and opinions in a clear and concise manner.” “Dr. Hayter efficiently and effectively demolished plaintiff's expert report.” “A quick study, he soon became an important part of our overall defense.” “While on the stand, he explained complicated concepts and modeling in simple and easy to understand terms.” Dr. Hayter has extensive nationwide experience with trial testimony and depositions, and he is talented at presenting and discussing complex arguments, issues, and ideas i...

Kevin W. Forcier, SR

4CA Consulting & Reconstruction LLC

Venango, Pennsylvania

Accident Reconstruction Expert Witness Light Trucks, Passenger Vehicles, Pedestrian/Bicycle, Motorcycle Reconstruction, Crash Data Retrieval, Data Analysis, Occupant Injury Kinematics, Time distance, drag factor with use of Vericom Vehicle Computer System, Traffic Studies, Mapscenes, Crash Zone, CAD, Crash Animation ARAS36HD
Additional Information Actar Certification 2054. 25 years crash investigation experience with the Penna State Police retired April 2010. Qualified as an expert witness in Crash Reconstruction at various levels from Depositons to Homicides 50+ times since 1990, Last 4 years Full-time Collision Analysis & Reconstruction Specialist with Pa State Police was responsible for 3373 square miles & over 470,000 residents of North-West PA. Owner and Reconstruction Specialist for 4CA Consulting & Reconstruction LLC Member NAPARS and ARC Network. CDR certified version 3.4 updated April 2010 by IPTM. Current version 10.1, up to and including 2013 vehicle year.