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Tardive Dyskinesia Expert Witness Listings

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Fred R Moss, MD

Ohio, Illinois

Psychiatry Expert Witness, Geriatrics Expert Witness Addiction, Violence, Tardive dyskinesia, Psychiatric malpractice, Suicide, Homicide, Overdose, Involuntary hospitalization, Lithium toxicity, Stevens-Johnson syndrome, Wrongful death, Nicotine addiction, Narcotic addiction
Additional Information Dr. Fred Moss has been in the psychiatric field continually for over 35 years, and has had extensive experience in multiple mental health sub-disciplines during that time. His expertise are in multiple facets, including but not limited to inpatient, outpatient, residential, rehabilitation, orphanages, clinic settings and homelessness. He has taken care of thousands of patients in nearly all age groups and settings, as a primary caretaker, supervisor and as an objective reviewer of his peers. From chronic to acute care and from emergency rooms to nursing homes, he has been part of both outstanding and tragic outcomes throughout his career. He now hopes to use this experience as a psychiatric malpractice medical expert, well seasoned in both untoward and intended outcomes. He has an appreciation for how outcomes of care may or may not have been foreseeable or related to the actual interventions provided. He reviews national level cases daily so as to stay on the cutting edge of a...

Leanne Burnett, MD

Fresno, Texas

Neurology Expert Witness Seizures, Stroke, Cerebral Hemorrhage, Alzheimer's Disease, Botulinum Toxin, Tardive Dyskinesia, Brain Injury, Headache, Deep Brain Stimulation, Spasticity, Migraine, Medical Ethics
Additional Information Experienced physician with excellent communication skills. Undergraduate degree in biomedical engineering. Fellowships in movement disorders and neurorehabilitation. Board Certified in neurology. Hospital leadership positions on peer review and ethics committees as well as Chief of Staff. Disability file reviewer since 2010. Expert witness since 2003.