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Sarah S Urfer, MS

ChemaTox Laboratory

Boulder, Colorado

Toxicology Expert Witness, Laboratories & Testing Expert Witness

Laure H Kairawicz, Ph.D.

Expert Witness Solutions

Hudson, Florida

Laboratories & Testing Expert Witness, Pharmaceutical Regulation Expert Witness Analytical Chemistry of Alcohol Intoxication-Drug Interactions, Illegal Drugs Abuse, Controlled Substances Abuse; Prescription Drugs Research, FDA Compliance, Pharmaceutical Drugs Side Effects, Vaccines Side Effects, Biologics Products FDA Compliance, Prescription Drugs Safety, Vaccines Safety
Additional Information I am a research scientist with 10 plus years of combined experience working in the pharmaceutical, biotechnology, and cosmetic industries. I worked for large pharmaceutical companies, small biotechnology companies, and Contract Research Manufacturing Organizations (CRMOs) in the United States. I worked as one of the main process development scientists on a novel flu vaccine approved by the FDA in 2013, FLUBLOK Registered Trademark. KNOWLEDGE BASE: Analytical Chemistry, Instrumental Analysis (Proteins and Small Molecules) with Expertise in HPLC Technology, Biochemistry (Nucleic Acids, Proteins, Glycochemistry), Biophysics, Medicinal Chemistry, Molecular Biology, Molecular Genetics, Microbiology/Virology, Cell Physiology, Immunology, Pharmacology, Biomedical Science. REGULATORY BACKGROUND: FDA Regulatory Compliance of Data Analysis & Reporting on Pharmaceutical and Biotechnology Products in Phases I, II, III, ICH Guidelines on the Validation of Analytical Methods of Pharmaceutic...

Ronald J. Elin, MD, PhD

University of Louisville

Prospect, Kentucky

Pathology Expert Witness, Laboratories & Testing Expert Witness Clinical pathology, clinical chemistry, chemical pathology, laboratory management, interference with laboratory tests, quality control, Laboratory Directorship, Laboratory Medicine and Laboratory Testing
Additional Information Dr. Elin received his medical degree and residency in anatomic pathology at the University of Minnesota and residency in clinical pathology at the National Institutes of Health. He is certified by the American Board of Pathology in Anatomic and Clinical Pathology, Chemical Pathology and Medical Microbiology. Further, he has Board Certification from the American Board of Clinical Chemistry and the American Board of Medical Microbiology. For most of his career, he has served as the medical director of a clinical laboratory/pathology department. Dr. Elin’s expertise is in Clinical Pathology/Laboratory Medicine that includes laboratory management, quality assurance, safety and accuracy of laboratory results and information.

M. "Mike" Mychajlonka, PhD

Food Safety Analysis, LLC

Saline, Michigan

Food Expert Witness, Laboratories & Testing Expert Witness Infectious Diseases, Pharmaceutical Research, Public Health, Chemistry & Chemicals, Safety, Pasteurization, STEC, Shiga Toxin, Hemolytic Uremic Syndrome, HUS, Sanitation, Antibiotics
Additional Information I came (August 1950) to U.S. shores (actually Ellis Island – where I was processed and issued my Displaced Person card) aboard the troop carrier USS General Hershey as a three-year old World War II refugee. I became a naturalized American citizen in 1968, the same year I won an Undergraduate Research Participation Fellowship from the National Science Foundation to pursue research concerned with certain developmental aspects in bacteria connected with DNA topology. I earned a Bachelor of Science (B.S.) degree in bacteriology from Syracuse University in 1969 and a Doctor of Philosophy (Ph. D.) in microbiology in 1975 whereupon I undertook additional research training at the Temple University School of Medicine in Philadelphia and then worked as a university professor who subsequently made the switch to pharmaceutical research, becoming a Senior Scientist with Warner-Lambert/Parke-Davis in Ann Arbor, MI. When financial gamesmanship resulted in the corporate demise of WL/PD and later th...

Bruce C Hemming, PhD

Microbe Inotech Laboratories, Inc.

St. Louis, Missouri

Laboratories & Testing Expert Witness, Environmental Expert Witness Environmental Microbiology, Microbiology, Biochemistry, Mold, Bacteriology, Food Safety, Industrial Hygiene, Indoor Air Quality, Agriculture (Plant Science), GMO, Product Contamination
Additional Information Dr. Hemming is an accomplished science and business professional with over 40 years of real-world experience in microbiology and its practical applications. He is the founder, President and CEO of Microbe Inotech Laboratories, Inc., which has served over 26 years in business. He is the Executive Director of the Helix Center Core Laboratory which his company operates for the St. Louis Economic Development Partnership serving the City and County of St. Louis, MO. He, with one of his employees, Dr. Michael Ndengele, commenced in 2014, an entrepreneurial startup venture named Microbe Scan LLC. Recently this company was selected among the top fifteen finalists in the AccelerateStLouis Export Challenge competition. They have incorporated a similar firm in Kenya known as Microbe Scan LTD. He has served as an expert witness for the defense as well as for the prosecution in numerous cases where microbiology is a significant issue.

Steven Pietropaolo, PE

LGI Forensic Engineering, PC

North White Plains, New York

Engineering Expert Witness, Forensic Science Expert Witness Forensic Engineering, Explosions, Electrical Engineering, Mechanical Engineering, Product Liability, Fires, Fire Protection, Appliances, Construction, Building Defects, Failure Analysis, Laboratories & Testing
Additional Information Forensic Engineering, Explosions, Safety Electrical and Mechanical Engineering. Product Liability, Fires, Fire Protection, Appliances Construction Plumbing Building Defects.

William E Mayo, PhD

Polymorph Experts

Canonsburg, Pennsylvania

Intellectual Property Expert Witness, Laboratories & Testing Expert Witness X-ray diffraction, Pharmaceuticals, Polymorphs, Material Characterization, Pharmaceutical Patents, Pharmaceutical Polymorphs, Materials Analysis, Material Science, Crystalline Forms
Additional Information Dr. Mayo is a recognized expert in X-ray diffraction analysis with special emphasis on pharmaceutical polymorph identification. Experienced as an expert witness in the area of patent litigation and material characterization. Former Professor, Journal and X-ray database editor with over 40 years professional experience in XRD methods. Dr. Mayo has numerous publications and patents dealing with the development and use of X-ray diffraction methods for analyzing organic and inorganic materials. He has co-founded two companies, one of which designs and manufactures XRD equipment for detection of counterfeit pharmaceuticals. The second company focuses on the use of XRD methods for material analysis.

Curt S Benefield

Benefield Consulting Services, LLC

Boerne, Texas

Engineering Expert Witness, Business Damages Expert Witness Asphalt Formulation, Petroleum Refining Technology, Petroleum Refining Economics, Pavement Failure Analysis, Oil Industry Economics, Laboratories & Testing, Appraisal & Valuation, Chemistry & Chemicals, Asphalt Technology
Additional Information Experienced in financial analysis and acquisition analysis of petroleum refining and asphalt assets. Experienced in project management of major petroleum refining construction projects.

Christian W Knudsen, ScD, PE

Knudsen Associates

Alexandria, Virginia

Chemistry & Chemicals Expert Witness, Engineering Expert Witness Chemical Engineering, Intellectual Property, Research & Development, Laboratories & Testing, Oil & Gas, Petrochemicals, Coal, Synfuels, Specialty and Fine Chemicals, Forensic Science, Failure Analysis, Environmental, Safety
Additional Information I have expertise in petroleum, gas, coal, petrochemicals, synthetic fuels, specialty chemicals and fine chemicals at laboratory, pilot plant and plant scale. Broad R&D and corporate experience at Exxon, GE, Halcon SD Executive service in synfuels development at the U.S. Dept. of Energy 14 years owning and managing a private R&D chemical laboratory including five professionals with doctorates, three with master's and two with bachelor's degrees, all in chemical engineering or organic chemistry.
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