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Ben Tisa

San Francisco, California

Contact Information

Company: Ben Tisa and Associates

Phone: 415.567.0323

Cell: 925.963.3984

Fax: 925.984.2567

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Specialties & Experience

General Specialties: Law Enf & Criminal Justice and Firearms & Ballistics

Specialty Focus: Use of force, officer involved shootings, arrest and control, police training, search and seizue, swat/sniper team tactics, warrant service, patrol and plain clothes officer tactics, high risk incident command and control, impact and less lethal munitions and weapons, firearms, police equipment.

Education: B.S. Business Admistration, California State Univeresty-Long Beach

Years in Practice: 25

Additional Information

Federal Bureau of Investigation Agent-Retired with 24 years of service involving investigations, police training, special operations, undercover and security assignments. Expert Witness with 25 years of consultation, depositions and court testimony experience in law enforcement litigation cases involving matters of policy, procedures, practices,training procedures, officer involved shooting, patrol and plain clothes officer tactics, arrest and control, use of force, defensive tactics, special munitions, weapon tactics, handcuffing and control techniques, field investigations procedures, threat assessment, patrol vehicle stop tactics, warrant service procedures, forced breaching procedures and equipment, strip searches, SWAT team operations ,sniper team operations, critical incident command and control, chemical agent deployment, negotiation team tactics, electronic incapacitation devices, police equipment use, ballistic shield tactics, robot deployment, armored vehical deployment, force managment accountablity, command post operations, regional/mutual aid operations.